Interview with Greg Gauthier of Bouchaine Vineyards in Carneros

Bouchaine and Me #2

“Boring winemaker equals boring wine.”

Last month, I had the pleasure of tasting the wines of Bouchaine Vineyards in the company of Greg Gauthier, the winery’s Vice President of Wine Production & Sales.  We met at River North establishment ZED 451 on a busy Friday night, where arguably, the dim mood and pumping music made it hard to concentrate on what we were tasting.  But Mr. Gauthier, anything but boring, really helped each of us tune out our surroundings and focus simply on what was in the glass.Bouchaine - Pinot Noir

Any question asked, by myself, or one of the restaurant’s guests, could inspire an extended, quite opinionated response from Gauthier.  He passionately dismissed the use of Stelvin closures, sang the praises of 100 % Pinot Meunier or immediately pouring the same Chardonnay into two different sized/shaped glasses, just to observe my eyes when I discovered, “yes, the glassware does make a difference”, he is an ambassador for California wine, and someone always looking for new challenges (he seemed almost wistful when discussing Syrah – “It could have been it’s own thing in California”).

Gauthier grew up in Chicago and has stints with Rodney Strong Vineyards, Sutter Home and Sebastiani Vineyards.  Currently he wears two hats for Bouchaine; Vice President of Wine Production and Sales, and Wine Production Advisor.  He also bottles under his own name; from plots in Carneros, Yountville and Sonoma Coast; you can check out his website here.


Bouchaine - Chardonnay



Bouchaine - Pinot Meunier

You can access my interview with Mr. Gauthier from two different places:

My Google Drive link here:

and my Dropbox link here:

Please email me at if you have trouble accessing or listening to the audio!

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