Wine Video #5 – Arabella 2010 Chenin Blanc

This wine came as a pleasant surprise.  It has a very citrusy nose and body without the mouthfeel I get in some Chenins of candle wax or WD-40.  You can read more about the wine at the Arabella website.

Also, here’s the link for Jodi Glickman’s excellent book about communicating at work, which I mention in this video.  I’ve already started reading it; it may help me get promoted or at least make these videos look and sound a little more professional!

P.S.:  My other wine videos are on my YouTube page; I just haven’t transferred them to this blog yet.

Hope you are tasting along with a wine evaluation grid; the one from my WSET wine class is a great one to use!  Here’s a link for you to download:

WSET Tasting Grid (Advanced)

3 thoughts on “Wine Video #5 – Arabella 2010 Chenin Blanc

  1. Good evening, Paige! Thank you for your comment. The Loire Valley in France probably has the best terroir for growing Chenin Blanc; I should definitely review a Vouvray, for example, to make a comparison with this one.

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