Wine Video #1 – Nik. Weis 2009 “Urban” Riesling

Click here to be directed to YouTube and my review of the Nik Weis

In my first attempt at crashing the Internet via my video production abilities, I review a Riesling from the Mosel I bought last weekend at Wine Discount Center.  It’s a good sipping wine, which would match the mood over, say, a pasta salad at Ravinia.  But for my dinner pork chop dinner tonight, I poured the 2008 Cave Spring Riesling from the Niagara Peninsula of Canada, which played with the texture of the pork a little better.  The Cave Spring had much more body and a little less acid than the Nik. Weis.  Not sure I would enjoy the Cave Spring as much without food.

If you try either of these wines, I would love to get your feedback.  And if you have any pointers on how to make my videos look/sound more professional, please send along your tips.

This Thursday, March 24 there are at least five major tastings within the Chicago city limits!  I’ll be volunteering at the Spark Ventures benefit I wrote about yesterday, but if you don’t attend that, I hope you consider making a donation to them and attending one of the other tasting events which I review in this video.

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